Second exhibition of artistic textiles from the series "Textile in the Museum" June 4-30, 2023

Artists participating in the exhibition "Transience" photo B.Kuzio-Bilska

Exhibition motto: “Weaving is like life – you can’t change what you did yesterday, but you can modify what you do today.” – Archie Brennan

We invited female artists, most of whom are affiliated with the Textile Section of the Warsaw District of the Union of Polish Artists, to share their thoughts on the subject of TRANSIENCE, to which the elements that make up our lives are subject: people, emotions, relationships or natural phenomena.
All these aspects appeared in the presented works, made with a variety of techniques: from the traditional tapestry technique and its derivatives, through collage, knitting, painting on silk to printing on fabric.
Creativity is one of the few forms of defying transience. If we can still create – we have not passed away in our own eyes. If we exhibit, perform or publish – we will not pass away in the eyes of others.

Artists participating in the exhibition: Krystyna Arska-Perepłyś, Krystyna Jatkiewicz, Maria Jełowicka, Magdalena Jaskłowska-Englisz, Ewa Kamińska, Bożena Kuzio-Bilska, Joanna Lohn-Zając, Katarzyna Lis-Lachowicz, Ewa Łukiewska, Joanna Pasynkiewicz, Katarzyna Szymańska, Jolanta Wdowczyk.

Patronage: Warsaw District of the Association of Polish Artists. 

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