"Salon of the Rejected"

First exhibition of artistic textiles in the series "Textiles in the Museum" April-May 2022

Polish artistic textiles have enjoyed well-deserved popularity over the years. We have many renowned artists in this field. As many as 450 works were submitted for the Third Biennale of Artistic Textile in Poznan in 2021, entitled “The Future of Freedom,” of which only 10% were presented. The organizers themselves admitted that many very good works were not included in the – concluding biennial – exhibition. On our exhibition we presented a dozen of them – hence the title of our exhibition. We decided that they are worth showing and confronting with the viewers’ opinions. The preparation of artistic textiles is labor-intensive, while the theme “Future of Freedom” is so interesting, inspiring and important that we decided to show our thoughts and their material effects. The presented textiles were very diverse in form and message, because, after all, this is what freedom is all about. The works were created in 2019-2021, and in April 2022, after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, they not only did not become obsolete, but acquired new meanings.

Artists participating in the exhibition: Maria Jełowicka; Ewa Kamińska; Joanna Lohn-Zając; Ewa Łukiewska; Joanna Pasynkiewicz, Katarzyna Szymańska;Jolanta Wdowczyk; Magdalena i Marek Englisz. 

Exhibition was presented at the Museum of Anna and Jarosław Iwaszkiewicz in Stawisko .

Exhibition opening. Stawisko April 2022
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