Magdalena Jaskłowska-Englisz

A biologist by profession, a weaver by passion - she learned artistic weaving at the Studio "Przy Długiej" in Warsaw under the direction of Ewa Kamińska and at the "Academia Łucznica". Is authorized to run an independent studio of artistic handicrafts. Organizer and curator of exhibitions of artistic textiles and photography. Originator of the "Textile Art in the Museum" series. She cooperates with the Anna and Jaroslaw Iwaszkiewicz Museum in Stawisko and with the Textile Section of the Warsaw District of the Association of Polish Artists. She has presented her works at several group exhibitions. Member of the European Textile Network.

Marek Englisz

A graphic designer and photographer, he is a graduate of the COLLAGE post-secondary art school in Warsaw, where he received a diploma in graphic design. He apprenticed at the ‘Studio Konart’ under the guidance of graphic artist Jacek Konarzewski, with whom he began a lasting collaboration. He also collaborated with Polish Television and the advertising agency ‘Sudler & Hennessey’. A photographer since childhood, he has utilized his photos in advertising graphics projects. Marek specializes in landscape photography, portraits, and plant photography. Creates posters for cultural events and social campaigns. He is the author of graphic designs for publications. Presented his works at both collective and individual exhibitions in many cities in Poland. Currently, is engaged in creating graphic compositions, the starting material of which are elements from his own photographs.

For several years they have been a creative duo, preparing together textile art projects, which are later realized by Magdalena.

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